Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marcellus Shale has Potential to Boost Your Economy.

The development of the Marcellus Shale play in West Virginia has the potential for significant economic development for the state, according to a new report from the West Virginia University College of Business and Economics, Bureau of Business and Economic Research. The report also examines potential impacts associated with the development of the shale play from 2010 to 2015 as well as the legal, regulatory and environmental issues associated with further development.

$12 Billion in Business and 7,600 Jobs

“West Virginia’s natural gas industry accounted for over $12 billion in business volume and created over 24,400 jobs in 2009,” said Dr. Tom S. Witt, BBER director and co-author of the study. “Out of this total, our study estimates that the Marcellus shale play accounted for the creation of 7,600 jobs and $2.35 billion in business volume, making it a significant contributor to the economic health of our state. The potential exists for upwards of nearly 20,000 jobs by 2015 if drilling grows at a 20 percent rate each year.”

“This study documents the economic potential of the Marcellus shale play. However, its potential contributions to our state will only be possible with well informed public policy related to the taxation, regulation and environmental impact affecting the industry in our state,” said Corky DeMarco, executive director, West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association, which commissioned the report.

The Marcellus is the "Tip of the Iceberg"

“Although the results of this study are encouraging, the general consensus throughout the industry is that the Marcellus only represents the tip of proverbial iceberg,” said Jim Crews, Nisource/Columbia Gas Transmission and WVONGA president. “Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology will be exported to other shale and unconventional hydrocarbon sources in the basin, including previously abandoned formations and the economic results will be exponential.”

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Way To Sell Your Mineral Royalties

Here are a few tips and pointers when making your decision of whom to sell your mineral resource interest to. First is the time frame of each of the purchasing companies. Some mineral buyers will require as many as 12 weeks or more before they will clear the sale, which could cost you a great deal of money, and make what should be a profitable deal go bad. Make your time frame known to the purchasing company, get the dates in writing and enforce them.

Consider the speed in which the purchasing company delivers. Uni Royalties, a leading company in the mineral resources market, will confirm the amount they wish to purchase inside a business day, and will compensate up to 50 percent of the closing purchasing costs in the same day. This figure is significantly more than most of their competition. If you are interested in learning more about your mineral resources rights, and also the current prices of oil and gas the Uniroyalties website has a plethura of information.

There you are sure to discover all the information you want on everything UniRoyalties may do for you with regards to your mineral resources holdings.If you're thinking of selling your mineral shares, don't settle for less. Call Uni Royalties and receive the highest bid in the shortest amount of time. You will have no need for concern if you choose UniRoyalties, as you will have chosen the best.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

investment in oil and gas.

To Know More click hereSavvy's main goal is to educate investors by giving them priceless information on the subject of oil and gas investing. If investors understand the "risks" and "rewards" for each type of oil and gas investment, they will be better equipped to identify and profit from successful investments when they become available.

Savvy Royalties is a company that was founded on the principle of "matching investors to monthly royalty income streams" based on their specific specifications, needs, and tolerance. We strongly believe that an investors success is our success. We open the door for the individuals and companies to better understand royalty income and how they can potentially profit for many years to come.

All participants own an undivided interest in and to the minerals and royalties purchased, so they can always sell out at any time, which provides an almost immediate means of liquidation and quick cash value. Oil & Gas Royalty Investors pay top dollar for royalty streams offering the liquidating investor the chance to sell out for a lump sum as opposed to smaller monthly payments and returns.

We help investors evaluate their needs based on the following criteria:
1. Expertise – The experience and expertise an investor has in buying royalties and minerals.

2. Investment Amount – Some investors are more comfortable buying larger royalties than others, we have avenues that fit any budget.
3. Risk Tolerance – We offer solutions for investors to participate in many well packages as opposed to a few well packages spreading out risk.

4. Exit Strategies – We work hard with investors to find exactly what his/her exit will be and how much money on top of their initial investment they would like to exit with then we map a plan for their success. We look at the possible exits before the entrances.
For more information or if you have additional questions not answered here, please contact us.

What are Royalties, Anyway? For Better Knowledge Click Here 
Royalties began when the "upper classes" in England, France and other countries owned all the land, and received a continuous passive income from the "rent" of the tenants but in this case Operators who produce Oil & Gas from Mineral rights you'll own.

Because the people who received these ongoing payments were the Princes, Dukes, and Earls, the payments came to be called "Royalties".
The people of royalty knew how to "rent" their property yet still retain ownership! You can do the same and receive rents just the same.
Simply Stated - Royalties are "rents" paid to you for the use of your property, in this case Oil & Gas Property as you will have full-undivided ownership.

Six Reasons for Royalty Income:
1. Continue to receive income long after you invest
Yes, you will continue to receive profits for years, for properties you purchase today.

2. Easy records and management
With Oil & Gas Real Estate, you rent a property to one company at a time, which is called a lease. It is very easy to track and keep records of who is paying you and how much they pay you each month. Additionally, operators of the propertyare required by law to send all the appropriate tax documents annually making taxes on these assets a breeze.

3. Receive Passive Income for you and your family
When you purchase an income producing property and receive royalties, you can take a vacation or time off whenever you wish and your passive income continues to come in every month as long as their is production from the wells attributable to your mineral rights.

4. Enjoy established royalty income stream with no work from you.
All the work has been completed for royalty owners; properties are identified and negotiated. Industry professionals, evaluate, engineer and purchase the property. Royalty owners are paid their share of royalties attributable to their mineral rights every month. Additionally, we will show you how to compile, manage and understand the data for your property and check statments.

5. Pride of ownership
You will own your share of the mineral rights underneath the property called "net mineral acres", which will retain or grow in value for many years to come. With an undivided interest, it is also very easy to sell, transfer or assign your interest to someone else for lump sum payment later if you choose or you can keep you interest for deeper production reservoirs and additional royalty opportunities.

6. Risk Management
Most companies offering royalty-based projects spread the risk by investing in multi-well units with long reserves, great operators, good histories, additional value and upside, which minimizes the risk for royalty income owners.
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